2016 report

A congress that pleases

The Congress and Exhibition of the Sim of Grenoble, which took place from 11 to 14 October, gathered 4,800 people over two and a half days, a little more than 8% compared to last year, In Mons (4,400 people). It is a record, even if the event does not seek to establish a performance year after year. This figure covers all categories, including 2,400 visitors, 324 exhibiting companies, 433 delegates, and 35 students (ENSG, UniLasalle, University of Savoie and University of Besançon).
During the congress, three events were added : the French Association of Tunnels and Underground Space (Aftes) held a meeting on the management and use of excavated materials, an opportunity to recall the works in progress including Lyon -Turin and the works of Greater Paris; UNPG presented the White Paper on Careers five years after publishing a first book on a forecasting exercise for 2030 and the Ministry of the Environment organized its annual training day, bringing together 94 Dreal inspectors .
In the exhibition, the novelty to see this year was the mining village. They were about ten exhibitors representing the metal mine in France as well as in overseas departments, regions and communities. “It is true that the Congress of the Sim has addressed itself for several years to the operators of quarries of aggregates and those of the industrial minerals, as well as their suppliers of equipments and services”, commented Jack Testard, President of the Chamber Union of Mining Industries (CSIM). “But it must not be forgotten that interest in metal mines was very much in vogue in the Sim a few years ago. But the disappearance of the mining companies has brought with it all the interest for the subject, “he regretted. “The Sim Resources Group has revived the thinking on the subject, and it has been followed by the Underground Operations group. At the same time, the A3M and the trade union chamber of mines have registered an increasing number of members. Finally, it is the conjunction of these phenomena that prompted us to participate in the congress to show that metal activity is re-starting in France. The experiment should be renewed next year with more exhibitors, some of them from Guyana.



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