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The Company’s mineral industry (SIM) publishes both official journals of its annual Congress and Exhibition: Mining & Quarrying and Recycling & Recovery. Both titles cover all the interesting facts that occur during this double event. The information learned are distilled over the numbers before, during and of course after the Congress-exhibition, including very extensive special numbers.

Mines & Carrières

The monthly mining & quarrying present technical news of both worlds quarries and mines. It is intended for operators of quarries and mines, offices (environment, geology, impact study …), universities, engineering schools and vocational training centers. Readership has obviously technology equipment manufacturers and specialists transportation of materials.
In each issue, a file dealing with a current theme with extreme expertise. It is basically reporting on career installations that highlight the technical choices of the operator, and processing hardware descriptions. Other articles deal with issues of the day, plus a complete overview of the news.

Recyclage & Valorisation

Quarterly Recycling & Valorisation has been published since 2003 by Sim. He is interested in waste treatment process in the solid state. Consequently, it applies particularly to “secondary raw materials”. Each R & V number combines the rigor of the engineer to a magazine-style presentation more appropriate to the current technical communication. It is mainly for the industrial world and the management and treatment of waste site operators.
Records, reports, articles and news of current address different aspects of the industry recycling and recovery in France, Belgium or elsewhere.

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