2, 3 and 4 OCTOBER 2024

DIJON - Palais des Congrès et Expositions



Space Start-up

Come and make the buzz!


For 73 years, the Sim Annual Congress & Exhibition has brought together professionals from the mineral extraction, processing, recycling and reclamation industries and services of mineral raw materials.

In 2019 in Montpellier, the Sim opened up a new field of interest for industry professionals by creating a Start-up forum during its Congress-Exhibition.

This event gives start-ups the opportunity to present themselves and make themselves known, and to conference attendees and visitors to the exhibition to discover new facets of innovations applied to the mineral industry.


We are renewing this forum in Bordeaux in 2023. This initiative constitutes a meeting point and exchange between new creators and potential users. Operators, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and service providers aim to move closer to excellence for economic performance, safety and ecological transition. This objective requires constant research in order to improve working conditions, protect the environment, optimize resources and reduce production costs.

Start-ups, through their innovative character and their motivation in these areas, have the ambition to provide solutions that help professionals meet these new requirements.


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